Thursday, July 26, 2012

(Because I'm kind of lame, you'll see largely a repetition of my About Me page. =v=;;)

[credits to Chiika]

Hello! I'm Eva~
Nineteen years old. #TeamNorCal (Northern CA, USA). A loserly, awkward, and socially challenged college student who's an accounting intern. ......sup. =u=)//

My old blog was Sing Your Dreams (, which I've kept from February 2008 until now. ;u; A total of four and a half years of memories. However, I decided to make a new blog because I feel as though I needed a fresh, new start.

The reason being was all of the attached expectations--and I mean this in several ways. Firstly, I kept the blog in such a way that made me feel obliged to keep it current with my life x_X and it became a chore to update and try to catch up on everything that's happened in my life. Once I get busy (which is all the time) and don't have time to update, I end up delaying the update even more because there's so much I feel I HAVE to talk about, and I end up avoiding the blog entirely....... |D;;

Secondly, I sometimes felt as though I couldn't be myself. on my own blog. which sucks. xD Idk I guess it couldn't be helped since I had that site since I was freaking, like, 14 YEARS OLD and people change. For a lot of people, I am likely not the person that you think I am and I'm sorry..

Probably the reason I ended up using Twitter more and more as an outlet was because it was quick and there were no strings attached.
So please don't have expectations for me on this site. ;u;

However! You can probably count on seeing the following:
-lots of ranting because I DON'T KNOW. I KNOW THIS IS BAD BUT I RANT A LOT AHAHA
-basically extended versions of my tweets because 140 chars don't suffice, sob
-a lot of Gemini. why? because I love them.
-my insanely boring life
-random Korean b/c I'm a stupid koreaboo
-shit that doesn't matter
-a serving of sarcasm and sadism on the side. Fat-free.

I like to sing and sometimes rap. owo Mostly in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and on rare occasions French. (Never in Canto even though I'm Cantonese.. because I fail. ;^;)
You'll also find me mixing and animating/video-editing a lot. BUT I'M ACTUALLY SOMEWHAT ASHAMED OF MY ABILITIES SO IGNORE THAT LOL. Still doing my best though to improve..!!

There's probably not much else you need to know about me but if you're really bored, I wrote an About Me page full of irrelevant triviality (I'm staring at it right now and wondering why the hell I even have that page) so yeah! I guess thanks for visiting LOL.
Eva, over and out~ <3 ^^

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  1. I hope I don't sound too stalker-ish, but I love reading about your life. Why? Because it is much more exciting than my life at the moment...I enjoy keeping up with your posts :)


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